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The Arab Chamber of Commerce was established in 1984 in conjunction with the Arab American Chamber of Commerce (AACC). Since then we have been dedicated to providing various services for the Arab American business community, promoting business and tourism in the Middle Eastern Arab countries.

We provide a variety of services for the domestic Arab business community which includes document certification, translation of documents, and joining like minded businesses together for mutual benefit. We also promote trade fairs and conferences which serve to promote business connections between Arab businesses located in the U.S. and businesses located in the Middle Eastern Arab countries.


To build the largest and the most complete Arab Business community and provide business advice for new investors who want to start a new businesses in Arab countries. Also, we are committed to uniting Arab and American businesses for mutual benefit.


To dedicate ourselves to provide Arab businesses with superb value, high-quality, relevant advice and services that have the ability to enhance their growth and development in today's economy.


Offered free for any business or industrial entity registered at any Arab chamber of commerce, in the U.S., or abroad. Members can benefit from the following:

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Address: 678 Morgan Building suite B, apartment 20, Abou Keer ST, Alexandria, Egypt. Phone: +2 (03) 5825665